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Membership Includes:

Access to all Personal Development courses and downloads

Access to all Personal Development topics on the Humanist Handbook Community Forum

The entire Humanist Handbook Podcast archives (Coming 2021)

10% discount on select items in the shop (Coming 2021)

Organizer Membership



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Membership Includes:

Everything in the Personal Development membership, plus…

Access to all Organizer courses and downloads

Access to all Organizer topics on the Humanist Handbook Community Forum

Access to our entire, exclusive library of Humanist Community Organizer Interviews. (Coming 2020 Q2)

Eligibility for FREE inclusion in our Meetup Network (Coming 2021)

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Annual Pricing

Who is this option for?

Leadership Teams

Discussion Groups




Anyone who wants to buy multiple memberships, at the same time, with one payment, for any reason.

If you become a member in 2020 while our first premium courses are still in production you will get 50% off our regular pricing locked-in for life. Along with the satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped to make a sustainable future for the Humanist Handbook possible.


How does the membership work? What do I get?

When you become a member you will get a login for your account. That account will give you access to all of the courses, downloads, and other content associated with your membership level.

Each membership is an annual subscription that renews automatically.

What is your refund policy?

All accounts come with a 15 day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your account for any reason within the first 15 days of your membershp you may request a full refund. We will refund your payment and cancel your account.

What is your cancellation policy?

Members can cancel their account at any time. Assuming this takes place outside of hte first 15 days of your membership you will retain access to your account for the remainder of your current annual subscription and it will not auto renew.

Can I purchase a single course or resource without purchasing the membership?

Until we launch our shop all of our premium resources are only available via a membership. However, if you look around online at the average prices for online courses and digital products you will find that our memberships are priced very affordably. Giving you access to a growing library of exclusive content for the price of a single course (or less!) in many other places.

Why isn't all this stuff free? Wouldn't that be the humanist thing to do?

That would be great, we agree. Providing free knowledge for the betterment of people and the world in general is right up our alley. Which is why we provide a TON of free content. However, providing ONLY free content is not very sustainable. That’s why we’ve created a subscription model for premium contnet that covers our hosting fees, admin expenses, and pays for new content to be created–including new free content!

If you’re not able to afford a membership and still want access to our premium resources you can always apply to become a researcher who uses our resources and provides helpful feedback for improvement.

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